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“The poor man and the oppressor have this in common: The LORD gives light to the eyes of both.” (Proverbs 29:13)

 Today, we are going to examine the word “transparency” and how it relates to the practical and biblical principles for “Spiritual” growth. In essence, “transparency” represents to bring to light or make clear. Transparency is derived from the word “transparent,” and transparent is derived from the word “light.” The light is defined as the quality of being clear; A particular perspective or aspect of a situation; A different view; A condition of spiritual awareness-insight; A mental understanding as an enlightening experience; Public awareness; and A visual warning sign. In the business world, it is called “trust and consistency” key leadership abilities in building effective leadership teams, employee development, and global organizational sustainable growth. It is the ability to lead by example in truthfulness, abiding by a degree of uniformity or agreement, standardization, and freedom from a contradiction in meeting the organizational goals. The “transparency” is a direct connection in “trust and consistency” to foster an environment of honesty, dignity, and reliability in building relationships and partnerships.

 In the context of the scripture, King Solomon left on record for all people and leadership the importance of representing an individual with a high level of clear and truthful quality in building sustainable relationships. For instance, personally, I call this “Managing-The-Blueprint.” It is the ability to manage yourself in truthfulness, build a character of trust with a distinct group of people, reflect back to the original guide or plan, and make adjustments only “if” need for the greater. Thought to ponder: Your “transparency” has a predestined time of exposure; Too much “transparency” revealing the blueprint is a visual warning sign when the public becomes fragmented; The “transparency” is used as a weapon to destroy growth and life. At this level, an individual must use discernment and Godly wisdom before proceeding forward.

What lessons can be learned about “transparency” and “trust and consistency?” There are five (5) important lessons. Discovering the “Truth” in “What” and “How.”

 Lessons Learned About Transparency, Trust and Consistency:

  1.  What commonalities are in this relationship? How will I build this relationship for success and be transparent?  (Leadership Relationship Management)
  2. What type of trust and communication will I build for progressive growth? How will I build a climate of interchangeable trust? (Individual Characterization)
  3. What inner circle will I build to achieve personal and professional goals? How much “transparency” should I reveal and expect? Know the level of vulnerability you are releasing. (Team Development)  
  4. What model of consistency for successful outcomes will be implemented? How will the model develop over time? (Strategic Planning)
  5. Truth is always revealed in a person’s “transparency” to act honestly with dignity. Revealing the motive behind the action and influence. How will I respond to the action? Positive or negative? (Behavioral Theory of Leadership)

In closing, know “transparency” main purpose is to make clear and bring to light; Know in building sustainable relationships will take a virtue of  truthfulness; Know you have the ability to develop a characteristic of trust; Select your inner circle wisely; Know the warning signs of too much “transparency”; Know Godly wisdom in planning will always produce growth and life; Know you never follow a leader or surround yourself with people who have no boundaries or morals; Know the true “transparency” of a person has a predestined time of unveiling. How will you respond? Remember, an environment of life is a progressive climate and culture of growth. Change your environment if needed. Change your behavior if needed. Stay focused and move forward. Speak life, grow, and lead! “You Have Value!” “You Have Worth!

Be Blessed and stay connected to Jesus,

Lady Cynthia R. Kelly
God’s Humble Servant
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