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"The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly." (Proverbs 20:27)

Today, we are going to examine the word "spirit" and how it relates to the practical and biblical principles for "Spiritual" growth. In essence, "spirit" is life itself--the soul of man with distinction from the body and mind that has preeminence over the human being. Spirit is further defined as heart; Spiritual being good or bad; A substance wherein thinking, knowing, doubting, and a power of moving; A form of communication; The agent or subject of vital and spiritual functions whether spiritual or material; Disembodied soul after it has left the body; Energy, Enthusiasm; Courage; Lively; Character; Intellectual or moral state; Immoral state; Fundamental emotion; and Spirit signifies the human spirit as influenced or animated by the Divine Spirit (The Spirit of God or Trinity). In the business world, it is called "culture," the spirit of an organization, characterized by the attitudes and behaviors implemented from leadership to employees. A key leadership ability in building a healthy culture growth for sustainability globally. The "spirit" is a direct connection between "culture" in the ability to reach the core of humans; the spirit (heart), to bring positive change and transformation. The "spirit" has both a negative and positive approach known by the character, communication, moral state, actions, and health of the total well-being.

In the context of the scripture, King Solomon left on record for all people and leadership the importance of knowing the "spirit" is the soul of man unveiling the heart, to produce life or death. For instance, personally, I call this,

"Out-Of-Comatose-State." It is an awakening of the Spirit that unites the mind, soul, and body with life from an unconsciousness, spiritless, or dead state. A second chance from hopelessness to hope. Thought to ponder: "The light of one's spirit or dimness is an instrument unveiling the inward part in the ability to produce the "Light of Life." It is the ability to know through the process of life and change, purpose brings the "Light” to live over darkness. This disposition has the spirit of not giving up on true life to transform the magnitude of the "Light." At this level, the purpose and transformation "spirit" consciousness prevails to illuminate the inward part with life to give life.

What lessons can be learned about "Spirit" and "Culture?" There are five (5) important lessons. Discovering the "Truth" in "Know," "What," and "Awaken the Spirit:"

Lessons Learned About Spirit and Culture

  1. Know the spirit and mind is the entire spiritual being. Becoming as one, but with a distinct separation. The "spirit" is the main source of life in all people. Without the spirit, life does not exist. What "spirit" of life do I have? Is it good or bad? "Awaken the Spirit," does the magnitude of my light produce life, control, or death? (Self-Evaluation and Self-Reflection Growth)
  2. Know a person's "spirit" light from birth was predestined by God from the Kingdom of Heaven to unveil "true" character, courage, and heart to live in purpose overtime through change to produce life. What Spiritual transformation is molding my life? "Awaken the Spirit," does the influences in my life have "true" light or a falsification of light and life? How will I humble my spirit in all sincerity, to self-exam my circles of influences? (Humility Trait, Transformation Change, Culture Awareness)
  3. Know your "spirit" responses to life through change has a light of honor or dishonor. The light is more than just mere self-ability to overcome life challenges, the universe-cosmos of light, or to produce success. What Godly wisdom will I need to surrender to, enacting Spiritual transformation above the norm of society, transforming the "Light of Life" in both mind and spirit, positively impacting lives? "Awaken the Spirit," Restore fervent life, Restore fervent light, Restore fervent heart. (The Honor Code of Behaviors and Transformation Change)
  4. Know it is the fight for the "Light of Life" which supersedes the will of man to God's Will. What feeds the spirit have control of the spirit, but it is the level of light in the heart of the spirit will to live, that takes preeminence of the total being to restore and preserve life. "Awaken the Spirit," I must not let my light go out from this trial of life! I must not let my spirit be drained to death! I must guard my heart through adversity! I must strive with dignity over darkness! (Character Leadership and Courage Leadership)
  5. Truth is always revealed in a person's inward part with a transparency light of the "spirit" to replicate life or death. Know all human beings were made in the image of God beyond the outer body appearance, therefore, it is the Spirit of God, who searches the heart to transform the light and life. What consciousness state is evident through values and morals according to biblical principles? Positive or negative? "Awaken the Spirit," discover the light! "Awaken the Spirit," fight for purpose in life! "Awaken the Spirit," restore spiritual good health! "Awaken the Spirit," and recover life! (Courage Leadership and Comatose Stage Recovery)

In closing, know the "spirit" is life itself--the soul of humans that produces life or death; Know everyone has a "spirit of light" given by God from birth with diverse illumination of life through change; Know feeding the "spirit" the right spiritual food is vital in the existence of life, controls the functionality of light, and actions of a person; Know a willing "spirit" will to live, transforms the light in darkness, when the spirit (heart) transforms connecting to the Father of Spiritual Life--God with reconciliation to live in purpose; Know the "spirit" unveils the intent of a person with transparency through change. Know it will take courage to transform the "spirit" with a fighting will for life. Know your "spirit" will be either an agent of healing or hurting through change; Know the will of the "spirit" to live resurrects from death to life. Know the "spirit" influences in life will either fight to preserve life or destroy life. Know you are not a product of the environment, you are not a product of life trails, and you are not a product of people. Remember, an environment of life is a progressive climate and culture of growth. Change your environment if needed. Change your view if needed. Change your spiritual health if needed.  Speak life, grow, and lead! "You Have Value!" "You Have Worth!" "You Have Purpose!" "What Spirit Do You Have?What Light Do You Have?" "Awaken the Spirit!"

Be Blessed and stay connected to Jesus,

Lady Cynthia R. Kelly
God's Humble Servant
Evangelist - International Author

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