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"The Road to breakout"

My Beloved Friends,

The Road To Breakout” Scriptures: Micah 2:10, 12-13; Isaiah 49:19, 22

Today, my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, the God-head (God the Father, God the Son—Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost) brings a word of redemption, restoration, hope, salvation, and healing for the Global Church Body of Jesus Christ, every “True Believer,” and all people hungry for the manifested salvation and glory of Jesus Christ. This message comes with encouragement and instructions. By all means, with every essence of your being, expect greater deliverance in this dispensation of time from all oppression which holds you captive.  As the Word of God is expounded, remember these words from the Lord, “Arise and depart” and “I Will.”  With one voice from the Kingdom of God and the Angels of Heaven, commissioned, I decree, “The Road To Breakout” in your life and family.

In the context of the scriptures in Micah 2:10, Micah proclaims a message sent from God not only to the false prophets, but to all the people that were oppressed from injustice in Samaria and Jerusalem. During this time the leaders of hierarchy rejected the truth sent from God’s prophets, sought false prophets to deceive and oppress the people. Micah proclaims this word from the Lord “Arise and depart for this is not your rest; Because it is defiled, it shall destroy, Yes, with utter destruction” (v.10). Arise and depart is a two-fold instruction. First, to the people who were oppressed. To get up, you will have to leave this place, because it is not the place of promise from God. Secondly, a message of destruction to the leaders and false prophets. To get out, you are silenced, and you will be destroyed with utter destruction for all the evil and wicked works against the people. The Lord got disgusted and sent “Divine Intervention” to save the people.

It was at this cross-road in life, all the oppressed people would have to choose life over death. Faith and courage over fear. Justice over injustice. Hope over defeat.

But, we must understand because the people had been in oppression for so long and fear, Jesus Christ—Son of God, begins to literally speak Himself to give them reassurance of restoration and redemption as a father leading a child from danger on a narrow—broad road. What does the scriptures and Jesus Christ “I Will” and “The Road To Breakout” teach us?:

 “I Will” (Micah 2:12; Isaiah 49:19, 22):

  1. I Will” surely assemble all of you, O Jacob. Jesus will gather His people from the four corners of the world with the Angels from Kingdom of Heaven. (v.12)
  2. I Will” surely gather the remnant (the remains designed and reserved for salvation) of Israel. This speaks of the mercy and grace both for the nation of Israel and all of God’s people from oppression and captivity that will heed to His instruction in faith, hope, leading to salvation and eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven. (v.12)
  3. I Will” put them together like sheep of the fold. The remnant put in a place of protection, a place of dwelling of peace, and a place of one Church-Body.
  4. I Will” put them together like a flock in the midst of their pasture; They shall make a loud noise because of so many people. Thus, the designated places ordained from the Kingdom of God to possess “after” the struggle, oppression, captivity, and even death is commanded to flourish with life. As the remnant assembles from all across the world. The noise of a joyful sound ringing out of thankfulness because of so many people restored and redeemed from the hand of the enemy. (v. 12, Isaiah 49:19)
  5. I Will” lift My hand in an oath to the nations, and set up My standard for the peoples. The people will gather together in friendship as the Church Body to bring the sons and daughters to a place of restoration and redemption. (Isaiah 49:22)

What does the scriptures, The Prophet Micah, and Jesus Christ teach us about the “The Road To Breakout?” (Micah 2:13):

  1. The one who breaks open will come up before them. Jesus Christ is the “Breaker” to open, to depart, and cut asunder. He will come with a manifested deliverance that will be evident on earth. (v. 13)
  2. They will breakout. Those who follow the “The Road To Breakout” minds, bodies, and spirits will be released from the Kingdom of God to move from the prisons held captive in. (v. 13)
  3. They will pass through the gate, and go out by it. Those who follow “The Road To Breakout” a passage of safety, restoration, and redemption would be made for them from the Kingdom of God. (v. 13)
  4. Their king will pass before them, with the LORD at their head. Those who follow “The Road To Breakout” Jesus Christ will lead the way. He will guide the Global Church Body as the head over all things with His righteousness and justice. (v. 13)
  5. The Road To Breakout” requires obedience in motion, walking in faith, walking in hope, and walking in expectation for greater as commanded by the Kingdom of God.

When the message came to Micah to give to the people, leaders, and false Prophets it was a time of weeping, mourning, and wailing. The praise had been taken out of Judah, the Spirit of the LORD was restricted, the men taken into captivity, the women put out of their houses, the children taken even unto death, the land was desolate, and the glory of the Lord taken from the place of worship. Micah, himself, had a choice to make. To deliver the message sent by God or revert in fear from the sentence of death for proclaiming the Word of God in truth. It was through the obedience of Micah, the people were encouraged, delivered, and restored.

In closing, the LORD is saying, “Arise and depart” from the place that holds you captive. “Arise and depart” from the place that holds you captive to My salvation. “Arise and depart” from the place that holds you oppressed to My restoration. “Arise and depart” from the place that holds you bounded to My redemption. “Arise and depart” to take the “The Road To Breakout!” Breakout and come forth, saith the Lord. Breakout and come forth. “I Will” make the way. What is in front of you is greater than what is behind. But, you must “Arise and depart” walking and believing in faith. “I Will” lead you to “The Road To Breakout,” saith the LORD.

Be Blessed and stay connected to Jesus,

Lady Cynthia R. Kelly
God’s Humble Servant
Evangelist - International Author