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Today's Devotional, Psalm 34:1-22, "Spring Life"

This devotional lesson is to encourage everyone going through the testing and storms of life. We have to decree over our lives and family member lives, it will be alright. Encouragement is a powerful seed given for "US" to be helpers one to another to grow through the stormy weather. Sometimes, we may just have to encourage ourselves in the LORD. Blossoms are on the rise!

It is something about Spring that brings new life in both the Spiritual and natural. If you start planting flower seeds in the Summer and cultivating the seeds throughout the Fall and Winter; you will see beautiful "Blossoms" in the Spring. It is a miracle how flowers can go through some of the worse weather and storms and yet come out springing forth with colorful blossoms.

What is the lesson learned? It may not seem like the seed will blossom because of stormy weather, but if you stay fervent in cultivating the seed, you will see growth and blossoms of life.

Be Blessed and stay connected to Jesus,

Lady Cynthia R. Kelly

God's Humble Servant

Evangelist - International Author