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"torches of fire"

Scriptural Context:Ezekiel 1:1-21

Beloved Friends,

The Godhead (God the Father, God the Son—Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost) brings a word of revelation with divine insight, direction, and encouragement to propel individuals beyond what is expected to greater excel without limits for the Global Church Body of Jesus Christ, every “True Believer,” and all people across the world ready for the manifested salvation, deliverance, and glory of the Lord. The Kingdom of Heaven—the Son, Jesus Christ, unveils a Rhema in-time Word dealing with “Turning and Lifting connecting to perspectives of the Spirit, torches of fire, and wheels available in this present world. Let “US” that is, if you receive it, take a journey of awakening, in the spiritual, psychological, and physical view through the lens of Jesus Christ to truly evaluate the global impact of relational existence with these dimensions: 1) The Kingdom of Heaven; 2) People; 3) Church body; 4) Communities; and 5) Nations across the world.  Are you ready? This question stimulates the intellect of the unknown. You might ask the question, “Ready for what?” Two words to what; REVIVE manifestation.

God sends a prophetic word of an open Heaven dealing with “Torches of Fire"and"The Spirit of Wheels,” expressly sent from the Kingdom of Heaven to earth, to specifically reach the core of humankind, those called in ministry, and commission for a greater impact reaching people at unusual levels through right connection and unity to produce the Spirit of Wheels.

Today's message scene has been set with views of an open Heaven God manifested to Ezekiel the priest in captivity, during a time of iniquity, a time of calamity. There was no longer a scared temple nor an altar. But Ezekiel is commission and encouraged at this time for a greater impact and message for the Kingdom of Heaven. The vision and Word of the Lord came expressly, and the hand of the Lord was upon him by the River of Chebar. The vision came as a whirlwind and raging fire with the brightness around it, radiating out of its midst the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire. The vision shifts to reveal out of the whirlwind four living creatures (Angels) sent on assignment from the Kingdom of Heaven with a specific purpose.

This vision and encouragement by the calling of God propel Ezekiel to leave the priestly to the dignity and/or higher calling of prophet in obedience. Ezekiel left the ordinary for extraordinary manifestations bringing forth greater impact, sent to rebellious Israel (people and nation). But he was sent with a message of turning, lifting, deliverance, restoration, repentance, revival, and the glory of God.

Let us take a spiritual journey in the scripture context through the lenses of Jesus Christ:

The Living Creatures (Angels)
: The Angels purpose was an “Forward and Upward” assignment to release the greater through the Spirit from Heaven, fire impact unveiling the magnitude transformations as running and lighting, spiritual turning and lifting effect. These four Angels came as a whirlwind. The Angels appearance was the likeness of a man, with four faces on each Angel, the likeness of a man and lion (right side), ox and eagle (left side). All of diversity of strength within their faces. Each Angel had four wings, their wings, two stretched upward and two covered their bodies. The hands of a man were on their four sides. The wings of the four Angels upward touched each other. CONNECTION.Their legs were straight and feet were like the soles of calves’ feet. They sparkled like the color of burnished bronze with fire. This likeness came forth.

Torches of Fire
:The Angels manifestation was an appearance as burning coals of fire, the appearance of torches. TheseTorches of Firewithin the appearance of the Angels appeared as bright fire of torches going back and forth of great intensity with an impact of lighting. The magnitude of theTorches of Firewithin the appearance of the Angels ran back and forth as flash lighting. This revelation of theTorches of Firereveals the impact and magnitude the servants of the Lord must have for a greater impact. Let us just imagine this for a moment. The “Torches of Fire bright, in great intensity of producing an effect of impact. The “Torches of Firewere together producing the same effect. The unity within the “Torches of Fire” brought about the manifestation of flash lighting effect. To propel to greater impact global for the Kingdom of Heaven, humanity, and society, within the levels mentioned; You must have this EA-Type. Excel Appointment defined by the intensity of “Torches of Fireand call of “The Spirit of Wheels.”

Spiritual Turning Perspective
:Let’s take a minute to deal with the natural perspective ofturn or turning” first. Natural: An act of moving something in a circular direction around an axis or point; a change of direction when moving either turning to the right or turning to the left or to make a wholly complete turning. Spiritual: The Angels did not turn when they went; wherever the Spirit sent them, they went straight forward. This turning did not look to the sides nor back, just a straight forward turning. This spiritual turning represented the turning of the Spirit directing the sent to accomplish impact. Not turning in circular motion nor turning by side motion. This turning of straight forward for greater impact, it will take this turning perspective. Straight forward turning.

The Spirit of Wheels
: Let’s take two minutes to deal with the natural perspective of a wheel. Natural: A wheel is made of a circular frame; A wheel has a rim; The material composition of wheel in the 21st Century comes in tire form made of natural rubber, synthetic polymers rubber, steel (steel wire used in tire belts and beads) such as trucks, trains, and air planes, textile—Fabric cords that reinforce the tire, fillers (carbon black and Silica) improves wear performance and traction, antioxidants—Help keep the rubber from breaking down due to the effects of temperature and oxygen exposure; There are seven layers of a tire wheel; A wheel size vary depending on the vehicles or vessels transporting; Wheels traction - The action of drawing or pulling something over a surface; Motive power provided for movement; and the grip of a tire. Without traction and the impact of force, the wheel has no motion.  Wheels, wheels, wheels!

: The wheel presented to Ezekiel in the vision duplicated to four wheels and there was a wheel beside each Angel descending to the earth. The appearance of the wheels and their workings (material) was like the color of beryl, and the same likeness in each wheel. The color of beryl is a precious gem consisting primary of six types distinctive of its color include aquamarine, bixbite, emerald, goshenite, heliodor, and morganite. The wheels color of beryl consisted of heliodor, the color in resembled the appearance of amber of the Angels. The appearance of the wheels was a wheel in the middle of a wheel. Three dimensions of the wheel. Wheels, Wheels, Wheels! The rims of the wheels were so high, awesome, their rims were full of eyes all around the four of them. The wheels had Divine Insight! When the wheels moved toward any one of the four directions, the wheels did not turn aside when they went. Straight forward in unity went the wheels. There was no turning of the wheels. Normally, wheels will turn to the right or left, but there was no turning of these wheels. The wheels went straight forward. The wheels, placed beside each Angel went when the Angels went. The wheels were lifted with the Angels. The wheels represented the Spirit of how a greater impact will take place, Torches of Fire impact, direction, insight, and magnitude to be duplicated on earth sent from the Kingdom of Heaven by humankind. Ezekiel shifting was “upward and forward” with greater intensity of impact. These Angels came with the message of view what would take place in Ezekiel from priestly to prophet. Wheels, wheels, wheels! Next, the wheels…

Spiritual Lifting Perspective
: Let’s take a minute to deal with natural lifting. Natural: Raise to a higher position or level; pick up and move to a different position. Spiritual: Raise to a higher position or level for a Kingdom of Heaven impact. This type of lifting requires the “Spirit of the Lord Movement” the influence of the product of lifting will draw and pull other people, lifting them up. This lifting was like a magnet, drawing, and connecting. People with a greater impact will have to be like magnets. The lifting of the wheels only came by the Spirit of the Angels sent. If ye receive it! In 2023, the Kingdom of Heaven will send these types of Angels manifestations throughout the world at this time on special assignment. Please do not be afraid at the first appearance, I can attest, the whirlwind, with the brilliant radiance, will compel you in prayer at the altar for the commission. When the Angels (living creatures) were lifted from the earth, the wheels were lifted up from the earth. Wherever the Spirit wanted to go they went collectively, the Angels and the wheels together lifted together from earth in dimensions of greater impact with a greater force. Let’s view these wheels moving at a great speed, rims so high, the fire turning and lifting the wheels with the Angels, compelling men, women, boys, and girls to move upward and forward, lifting to new levels. Wheels, Wheels, Wheels! Are you ready to become a Spiritual Wheel?

The Spirit Perspective
: The Spirit of the Wheels, propelled them to excel for a greater impact, was in the inner/core of the WHEEL. The Spirit of the Angels sent duplicated in the wheels. The Angels went wherever the Spirit commanded; the wheels went wherever the Spirit commanded. The Spirit lifted the Angels and the wheels from the earth together. Unity. Now, the scripture context verse 21, unveils, a greater impact based on connectivity. This greater impact of connectivity is in “Those.” Here we have a duplication of “Those” from the Angels and the wheels. TheSpirit of the Wheelsduplicated wheels. A matter of fact, when the wheels followed the Spirit and went, those also went. Great impact. When the Spirit of the Angels stood, the wheels stood, andThese” stood. You must have the right connectivity to be lifted out of the ordinary to the extraordinary. When the Angels lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up from earth together, duplicating wheels. The impact, force, and magnitude of the wheels was the Spirit sent by God, who sent the Angels to turn, lift, encourage, strength, and revive. Torches of Fire” and “The Spirit of Wheels!”

Concluding, Jesus Christ, compels us, saying, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men (humankind) unto me.” Ezekiel vision of God manifested this same effect spoken by Jesus Christ. If ye receive it; in 2023 to reach from the earth toHeaven, drawing, pulling, turning, and lifting people to higher levels of upward and forward, will take the Spirit of Jesus, the Holy Ghost (Spirit). The Holy Spirit when it is cultivated rightly will produce the effects of “Torches of Fire” and “The Spirit of Wheels.”Ezekiel in his captivity during the time of the Chaldeans, was reflecting on God, his circumstances, the people circumstances, and wondering about God. Perhaps praying, on the Lord’s day silently to himself. It is this remembrance in prayer, God visited Ezekiel, honored, and commissioned him in a higher level of ministry for the purpose of Kingdom of Heaven. Ezekiel’s message as a prophet for the Lord, was of divine instruction to God’s people (a rebellious), deliverance, revival, salvation, and restored life. Although, personal challenges and spiritual challenges came and went; Ezekiel did not stop the commission he was called into for a greater impact. The voice called out to Ezekiel in chapter two.

Let “US” keep this perspective of this question, “Are you ready?” To have Angels come with specific messages, strengthening, turning, and lifting for the purpose of Heaven. To have the power of the Spirit as a whirlwind, shifting upward and forward. Are you ready?To go to higher levels by the Spirit lifting from earth into heavenly realms. Are you ready? To become a piece of theTorches of Fire” and “The Spirit of Wheels.”To duplicate by turning and lifting for the purpose of the Kingdom of Heaven. Now is the time. This opportunity presented requires the right connection. To those called into ministry, it requires right connection for this level of global impact. Those called to salvation and deliverance, the right connection as presented in the context is crucial to propel you in the right turning and lifting, to be able to stand, and duplicate from the earth to Heaven. The connection and unity, will bring deliverance just being in the presence of chosen vessels operating in the realms of “Torches of Fire” and “The Spirit of Wheels.”Torches of Fire” and “The Spirit of Wheelslifting, turning, drawing, and pulling, individuals to higher levels. My prayer is you will never look at “Torches of Fire” and “The Spirit of Wheels” again the same knowing the intensity of impact.

This type of impact, force, and magnitude is lacking in our world today to bring great REVIVE manifestation. Lifting and turning people upward and straight forward. Led by the Spirit, connected to men, women, young people, children, led by God, operating in the realms of “Torches of Fire” and “The Spirit of Wheelswill draw and pull. Wherever individuals (men, women, young people, boys, and girls) with this type of impact sent; when you say, “Lord let it be me, let it be me,”the Lord will send Angelic help to take you to that realm with a specific message and purpose. The outcome, greater impact for the Kingdom of Heaven. Connection and unity are important in 2023.

Be Blessed and stay connected to Jesus,

Lady Cynthia Kelly
God’s Humble Servant
Evangelist-International Author
#MotivationalWisdom Podcast Host​

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