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In developing and building strategic alliances it is imperative for mutual collaboration as the foundation in building the alliance. The strategy for every alliance is to develop key leaders, sustainable growth, and partnerships to position the organization competitive in the market. Common mistakes made in building strategic alliances are no failure and success evaluations of the partnerships throughout the total process.  In addition, a pivotal pitfall is too much inside information in building the strategic alliance is given to the other partner. Each partnership must have a limit on the information they are willing to share about the organization because the alliance may lead to vulnerability of the other partner, exposing the organization “It Factor” in leadership, operational management, and business management.

However, every strategic alliance must have a mentorship relationship to produce intelligent leaders with a faucet of knowledge to build the strategic alliance as a global leader.  There is always one mentor and mentee in the strategic alliance. Each leader must have set goals on the outcome of the strategic alliance partnership. Why is mentoring essential in strategic alliance and building effective leaders? According to “Why Mentoring Matters,” smart leaders realize their power, their obligation, and their ability to mobilize others to lead relentlessly. The best leaders in the world come from mentorship relationships.  

According to “Harvard Business Review on Strategic Alliances,” competitive collaborations adhere to a set of simple but powerful principles:

  • Collaboration is competition in a different form
  • Harmony is not the most important measure of success
  • Cooperation has limits. Companies must defend against competitive compromise
  • Learning from partners is paramount
  • Build secure defenses
  • Enhance the capacity to learn
  • Proceed with care—But proceed.

Strategic Alliance and Mentorship