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Has Grace Found You?

Scriptures: Genesis 6:8,13,14, 18, 22; Genesis 7:1, 4-6, 16, 23-24; Genesis 8:1 [Gen. 5:32]; Proverbs 15:3; 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

​"But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord" (Genesis 6:8)

Dearly beloved, today, we will take a journey in obtaining the promises and blessings of the Lord with "Ten Lessons of Impact" from the context of scriptures given and podcast available to listen to in the application of devotional. This devotional was written under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost (Spirit) to encourage the people of God, empower in hope, transform in the faith, assurance of covenant of immutability, and reaping the promises through obedience.

Ten Lessons of Impact

  1. Grace looks for those who are righteous, Grace beholds the good and evil, and Grace examines the heart and mind of people.
  2. When “Grace” finds you, “Grace” speaks to you audible and in the Spirit.
  3. When “Grace” finds you, “Grace” gives instructions of the wisdom of God, to save your life and family life.
  4. Grace requires obedience.
  5. Grace establishes covenant with the righteous when “Grace” speaks (Gen. 6:18).
  6. Grace will shut you in, seal you in, and shut out disaster, death, or the enemy to protect covenant (Gen. 7:16).
  7. It is essential and necessity to be filled with the Holy Ghost (Spirit) to operate in submission under the Holy Ghost (Spirit). The Holy Spirit takes the instructions from Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ gets the Word from God the Father, Jesus Christ gives the Word to the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit speaks the Word into your Spirit.
  8. Grace gives you “faith, fortitude, courage, hope, and vision of life.” Noah was in obedience for one hundred years. (Gen. 5:32; Gen. 7:6).
  9. Grace is sufficient, Grace gives you strength in weakness with the might and power through the Holy Ghost (Spirit), and Jesus Christ.
  10. Grace remembers the covenant established to bring you into promise (Gen. 8:1).

May the Spirit of Lord, wisdom of God, knowledge, faith, and obedience be released to everyone that reads and study the devotional.

For the Master Service,

Prophetess Cynthia Kelly

God's Humble Servant

International Author

#MotivationalWisdom Podcast Host