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  • A Mother's Day Message5:43


“Thus says the LORD of hosts: “Consider and call for the mourning women, that they may come and send for skillful wailing women, that they may come.” “Let them make haste and take up a wailing for us, that our eyes may run with tears, and our eyelids gush with water.” (Jeremiah 9:17-18)

Today, a “Word of Encouragement” to mother’s, surrogate mothers, and women; to stand in the gap with prayer. In the context of the scripture, the LORD ask and gives instruction at the same time to the Prophet Jeremiah in an era of judgment on the land. Why was it important to call for both the mourning and skillful women? Because there is a distinct sound of the wailing and weeping in prayer women have that moves the heart of God to intervene. The word “consider” means to fix the mind on, with a view to a careful examination; to think on with care; to ponder, to study, and to meditate on. There were two classifications of women: 1) Mourning Women - Seasoned women in praying; 2) Skillful Women - Intelligent, educated women that knew how to wail in prayer and to expedite it in different venues.

There are seven (7) important instructions concerning women and prayer:

  1. Women are called by God to the forefront to pray and intercede for the family, communities, churches, and nations
  2. Reverence the women in their calling to pray and intercede
  3. Call for two specific classifications of women in aligned with the LORD’s voice to come and pray
  4. Women must make haste to pray and wail before the altar for “Divine Intervention”
  5. Barriers of division, disobedience, and lawlessness are destroyed
  6. Women wailing and weeping in prayer reaches and moves the “hearts” of those in high leadership roles in the church body, governments, and communities
  7. Women’s voices of wailing is heard in Zion the “Kingdom of God” to dispatch deliverance in the land

In closing, Beloved Mothers, be encouraged and continue to pray, your prayers are not in vain. To those mothers who have slacked in prayer, gird up and return to prayer. We as mothers and women must teach our daughters, sons, and neighbors by example the importance of prayer. What gets the attention in the Kingdom of God in devastation and judgment? Women wailing in prayer. The men of great wisdom, riches, and glory in Jeremiah Chapter 9, were not in a position to pray in wailing such as the women were called to save generations. If your mother or grandmother is deceased, connect with a Godly-mourning mother and a Godly-wailing mother of prayer.

Be Blessed and stay connected to Jesus,

Lady Cynthia R. Kelly
God’s Humble Servant
Evangelist - International Author

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