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“Oh, that you would be silent, and it would be your wisdom!” (Job 13:5)

Today, we are going to examine the word “silent” and how it relates to the practical and biblical principles for “Spiritual” growth. In essence, “silent” is the state of absence from sound or inefficient speech. Silent is further defined as having no effect, not operating, virtue less, and dead; Free from sound or noise; Absolutely still; Perfectly quiet; Speechless; Mute; Indisposed to talk; At rest; and A time of silence. Silence is to compel to silence; To cause to be still; To hush. In the business world, it is called “silence” a key leadership ability in building trust, confidence in relationships, leveraging power, discernment, wisdom, and self-discipline. To be “silent” is a direct connection between “silence” in the ability to act intelligently without violating sovereignty in building relationships, partnerships, and human sustainability to make an effective impact globally. However, “silent” or “silence” is often used as an inferiority weapon or misused in showing one’s strength, control, or power amongst people.

In the context of the scripture, Job, a blameless, upright, intelligent man, with Godly wisdom, wrote to instruct leadership and all people the importance to discipline oneself, think before speaking, reacting; knowing at times to be silent is wisdom, when words are unwholesome and the very act deprives life or speaks death. For instance, personally, I call this “Tame-The-Tongue-And-The-Mind.” It is the ability to value relationships, practice, discipline, listen, and give thought to the outcome before responding. It is an in-depth ability to know “silent” or “silence” deals with a person’s ability and mentality to act with meekness, kindness, compassion, and humility. Thought to ponder: “Silent” is a stillness of one’s soul igniting the worth, validity, and invisible to visible. At this level, it unveils a person “true” form, that being the substance of a person, distinct character, and the ability to perfect for the greater of humanity.

What lessons can be learned about “silent” and “silence?” There are five (5) important lessons. Discovering the “Truth” in “Know” “When” “Stop” and “How

Lessons Learned About Silent and Silence:

  1. Know to value life is an act of stillness, evaluation, and self-examination in building relationships and building character in oneself. When will I pause to think, quieten myself, evaluate, and reflect on my own actions? Stop! Give thought to the “Bigger Picture.” How will I make an impact in someone else life from my response? How is this a reflection of personal growth? (Leadership Self-Management Discipline, Humility & Wisdom)
  2. Know “silent” or “silence” is Godly wisdom in the ability to tame the tongue from speaking unwholesome words, discipline the mind to think with compassion, and medicine to the soul “if” directed correctly. When will I seek God for His wisdom in working with people; not depending on my own understanding or knowledge? Stop! Give thought to the “Bigger Picture.” How are my actions healing or hurting people? How will I guard my “tongue” with Godly wisdom to choose my words carefully? How will I practice humility to discipline the mentality of my thinking patterns and speech? Will I listen to the instruction from God or just ride the pony to death? (Self-Management Discipline, Humility, & Emotional Intelligence)
  3. Know you become a worthless person when the virtue of compassion and humility is no longer evident. When will I realize I have lost value “if” genuine love is not present? Stop! Give thought to the “Bigger Picture.” How have my actions detoured someone’s life from growth? How have I degraded someone because of a selfish act? How have I become inferior from my own actions? How do people really view me? (Leadership Self-Management Discipline, Humility & Behavioral Management)
  4. Know you have the ability, sovereignty of your own life as God’s Will, to preserve life. When will I realize to live is to give life; to live is to transform with life; to live is invisible to visible with life. Stop! Give thought to the “Bigger Picture.” How will I transform myself with life to make a greater impact in this world? (Courage Leadership & Transformation Management)
  5. Truth, integrity, and compassion are always revealed in a person’s ability to know when to enact the wisdom virtue of “silence.” Revealing the “true” character of a person’s heart of healing or hurting. When will I change to be a product of life and growth? Stop! Give thought to the “Bigger Picture.” How will I submit in humility? How will I surrender my will to God’s Will? How will I change to save a life? (Courage Leadership & Change Management)

In closing, know “silent” is a virtue of Godly wisdom; Know a person’s character is unveiled through the ability to tame, discipline, the tongue and mind; Know “silent” is a stillness of one’s soul igniting the worth, validity, and invisible to visible; Know you will either be an agent of healing or hurting; Know meekness, kindness, compassion, and humility are Godly wisdom traits; Know you have the sovereignty of your life as God’s Will to preserve life. Know you will need the courage to change and transform for the greater in preserving human sustainability. Remember, an environment of life is a progressive climate and culture of growth. Change your environment if needed. Change your view if needed. Change your courage if needed. Change to enact Godly wisdom if needed. Speak life, grow, and lead! “You Have Value!” “You Have Worth!” “What Kind Of Agent Are You?

Be Blessed and stay connected to Jesus,

Lady Cynthia R. Kelly
God’s Humble Servant
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