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Economic Social Justice Empowerment Project

​​Isaiah 58:6-7 (Human Sustainability through Biblical and Practical Principles). 

Missions Project Background

The Economic Social Justice Empowerment Project is implemented to overcome the challenges of disparities in global societies affecting children, young-adults, and women for full equality and acceptance in human rights as individuals. The challenges affecting the economies, both social and justice for youth, young-adults, and women must be dealt with for sustainable growth and preservation of human life. "Restorer of the Breach," in the global 21st Century.

Missions Objectives

  • To change the mindset of disparity economies and empower the communities, churches, and governments in community development programs to decrease poverty, decrease human rights issues, and increase sustainability through new business opportunities to assist the communities with resources to become successful business owners.

  • To empower youth, young-adults, and women in human rights through “Helping Hands” to bridge the gap of injustice.

  • To build strategic alliances with nation leaders and governments to advance the economy in “Freedom of Rights” for youth, young-adults, and women in socioeconomic.

Missions Strategy

To help in the advocacy of youth, young-adults, and women through empowerment and transformation strategies in the following:

  • Educate

  • Grow

  • Lead

Starting Markets of Penetration

United States of America, Africa, Central America, Nigeria, Mexico, Egypt, India, and Japan

Projects of Penetration, 2016 Thru 2022

         United States of America Abortion Crisis Project 2021-2022 

         Partnered with Love Life Christian Ministry in walking and praying in Charlotte, NC, September 25, 2021 against               the alarming rate of human rights abortions crisis in America. A Prayer Walk Champion and Prayer Intercessor                 supporting the ministry. The founder and CEO is calling forth Pastor's to take a stand and people. Get involved                 at


            India and Surrounding Areas Project 2018-2023 - Winter Blanket Distribution Program, Dec 2023, Church

            Building Mission Empowerment Project 2022, Partnering with India village areas to build a church. Empowering               youth, young-adults, widows, and families to rebuild the "core" of human sustainability through "Hands of                         Restoration and Love." Ongoing support Needed: Items needed (Bible's, Literature, Shoes, Clothing, Water                     Drinking Bottles, School Supplies, Hygiene Items, Donated Copying of School materials, etc.) 

            United States of America Homeless Crisis in California Project June 2021 - Our Humble Hands, Inc.
            Partnered with the founder of Our Humble Hands, Inc., a day of outreach to feed homeless people in the                          downtown Sacramento area to meet the natural need showing humility, hope and kindness by providing red bag              Subway lunches. Shared the love of Jesus Christ promoting spiritual kindness and compassion for a diverse                    population of people.

            United States of America Project 2017-2018 - San Ramon Valley Unified School District, Northern California
            Educational Instructor/Volunteer - Partnered with the San Ramon Valley education initiative for "Excellence,"

            teaching instruction in the consistency of academic success to empower youth and young-adults, Pre-K to 12th 

            grades for sustainable growth.

            Support Hurriane Harvey Texas Victims 2017, 100% will go toward the victims in relief efforts and rebuilding                 human sustainability through "Hands of Restoration and Love." Donate as your "heart" of compassion tells


            United States of America Project 2016 - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Beacon Initiative, North Carolina

            Educational Instructor/Volunteer - Partnered with the Beacon Initiative, teaching instruction in the

            consistency of academic success to empower youth and young-adults, Pre-K to 12th grades for

            sustainable growth in selected schools and bridge the gap of social economic disparities through

            learning enrichment and student success rates.    

Success through Partnerships

The success of the projects is through partners donating finances to spread kindness, restoration, and the gospel message across the world. This will happen through 1,000 partners, committing to just $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500 or $1,000 monthly/12 months pledge can make a difference in a life. Praying and believing for 1,000 Partners. “Together We Stand, Together We Impact, Together We Abound.”