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When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan. (Proverbs 29:2)

Today, we are going the examine the word, “authority” and how it relates to the practical and biblical principles for “Spiritual” growth. In actually, authority represents the “influence” someone has over you to either bring life or death.  

In the context of the scripture, when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice. This is not some people, but all people across the world. What is righteous? Doing according to that which is right, yielding to all their due, just, free from wrong, guilt, or sin, holy, integrity, high-minded principles, and trustworthy. A righteous person is “Fearless” in his or her righteous cause aligned with the biblical principles. What is wicked? Evil in principle or practice, deviating from morality, contrary to moral or divine law, addicted to sin, immoral, abominable, reprobate, disgraceful, and cursed. A wicked person seeks to have complete “Control” over a person to stop the progression of abundant life and an under-minded person.

What lessons can we learn about being under the right or wrong influence? There are 10 important lessons about “influence” Discovering the “Truth” in “I”:

Lessons Learned About Influence

  1. Influence is proper or improper
  2. Influence will either bring life or death
  3. Influence controls conduct
  4. Influence may control one’s free will
  5. Influence has the power to affect persons or events
  6. Influence has an effect on a thing or person, on another
  7. Influence has an effect on what you do
  8. Influence can cause something without any direction or  apparent effort
  9. Influence can control a progressive “climate” or “culture”
  10. Influence tends to label you by association after a time  span

In closing, choose wisely the influence you let control you, you have the ability to choose the influence you want to be under, you can separate yourself from the wrong influence, only partnership with righteous people, avoid association with wicked people seeking to control. You have the ability to be “Fearless” in pursuing righteousness. Think of it is this way, “I” must choose the right influence to make an impact in life. Remember, God looks at the “heart,” but you have to take steps for what is right and just.

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