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#MotivationalWisdom - Straight-Talk - Deception

"And with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved." (2 Thessalonians 2:10, NKJV)

Today, I am going to start with this quote the Lord gave to me, “It is not until you have lost the value of “true” human kindness, that you know the magnitude of what you have lost.” Just reflect on this for a moment. Now, deception is the “Act” of deceiving or misleading into falsehood. In the philosophical, “pretense” to detour reality.  In the context of the scripture, there are five important things to remember in avoiding deception which first starts with the mind of a person, enters the heart, and takes possession of the body.

Life Lessons To Remember

  1. Deception brings us all to a crossroad of abiding in truth or a lie
  2. Deception is misery that loves companionship to become the product of control
  3. Deception is misery that loves companionship of death, despises true love, and justice
  4. Deception kindness only last for a moment, then truth of immorality is revealed with no integrity
  5. Deception has a co-dependency mechanism to the one being deceived. As if they are the benefactor to save, when in actually they themselves need saving.

Think of it this way, deception is like revenge and sleeping with the enemy. Let’s take a view point of Samson and Delilah. Two defining words in describing Samson “Strength and Stupidity.” Strength - The quality or state of being strong; ability to do or to bear; capacity for exertion or endurance, whether physical, intellectual, or moral; force; vigor; power; as, strength of body or of the arm; strength of mind, of memory, or of judgment. Stupidity - The quality or state of being stupid; extreme dullness of perception or understanding; the act of folly.  Deception is the separation line between strength and stupidity. With this in mind, it might sound harsh in describing Samson this way, after all, he was chosen by God to be the deliverer for his people (Judges 13). Samson strength had not been revealed to anyone but his parents and himself.

It was not until Samson meet Delilah, known as “Deception” his weakness, and chose to have championship with the enemy (Reference Judges 16). Delilah was truthful with Samson from the beginning, she told him exactly what she wanted, he just chose not to listen and gave in to what is called “fleshly desire,” slept, and played with the enemy. REFLECT. View this, when deception is at this level, you have either two choices to accept the truth or succumb to a lie. It is the latter, submission to a lie, that will have you in a delusional state. Therefore, believing the very people who showed you “true kindness” are the enemy, and the “deception” is the friend.

I leave this with you. Samson, after he knew his strength (hair) was taken, he felt deceived, embarrassed, hurt, and betrayed. Why would he feel this way? He had already been told by his parents never to tell anyone. He knew Delilah asked him, specifically to bind him. But, Samson neglected to heed the warning and instruction. In the end, Samson last request to God, was not forgiveness to live, but to receive his strength one last time to destroy, die with the enemy, at the place he was bound in chains and deceived.

In closing, can you take off the blinders to see reality? What will you choose to do? Which crossroad will you take? Shift up to get a clear view!Shift up to see the right road to take!Shift up to overcome deception!Dig deeper. Shift up. Dig deeper. Shift up.

Be Blessed and stay connected to Jesus,

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