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"For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to what one has, and not according to what he does not have."

(2 Corinthians 8:12)

Today, we are going to examine the word "mind" and how it relates to the practical and biblical principles for "Spiritual" growth. In essence, "mind" is a representation of the entire spiritual nature of the soul. Mind is further defined as the intellect in man; The power that conceives, judges, or reasons; Choice; Inclination; Will; Memory; Remembrance; Call to mind; To lose one's mind; Courage; Spirit; Purpose; To obey or give attention; Ego; Knowledge; Revive; Will power; Wisdom; Be alert; Thought patterns; Emotions; and Viewpoint. In the business world, it is called "Frames of Mind" a key leadership ability in dealing with multiple levels of intelligence beyond emotions in developing people, building partnerships, and providing a healthy culture growth for sustainability globally. The "mind" is a direct connection between "Frames of Mind" in the ability to reach the core of humans; the spirit (heart), to bring positive change and transformation. The "mind" controllability has both a negative and positive approach known by the platforms, character, and health of the total well-being.

In the context of the scripture, the Apostle Paul left on record, advice for all people and leadership the importance of knowing the "mind" is the soul of man and by the will of man to live, produces positive change. For instance, personally, I call this, "Fight-For-Purpose." It is the ability to know each individual has a purpose designed from birth, even though through change and trails of life, must fight for purpose to transformation. Thought to ponder: "The good health of the mind brings true change, when the spirit of "True Life" from a willing heart, breaks bondage." This requires a fighter mentality as a boxer to endure to the end. Each bout in the ring brings individual victory, each punch in the ring endured is victory. "Go to the body" goes through numerous blows and change in the process to gain the target--the head for the ultimate hook of victory. A great fighter will always cover up (guard) the head to avoid damage to the mind--brain function. At this level, transformation only comes when the soul and mind is not control by the opposition of the opponent blows, but strategically evaluates, repositioning--shifting in the ring, as winning for life.

​What lessons can be learned about "mind" and "Frames of Mind?" There are five (5) important lessons. Discovering the "Truth" in "Know," "What," and "Guard the Mind:"

Lessons Learned About Mind and Frames of Mind

  1. Know the spirit and mind is the entire spiritual being. Becoming as one, but with a distinct separation. What goes into the mind, feeds the spirit, and controls the functionality of a person. "Guard the Mind" does the influences in my life produce life, control, or death? Have I stopped from personal goals because of influences in relationships or someone else personal goals have now become mines? (Self-Evaluation Process, Interpersonal Intelligence)
  2. ​Know a person's "mind" unveils "true" character, courage, and perseverance to live in purpose overtime through change. What will I do to fight for purpose, not succumbing to society norms of transformation, but Spiritual transformation based on biblical principles? "Guard the Mind" will I choose life or death? (Humility Trait, Intrapersonal Intelligence)
  3. ​​Know your "mind" responses to life through change has honor or dishonor. What Godly wisdom and good mind health is needed to transform effectively for the greater in both mind and spirit; positively impacting lives? "Guard the Mind" Revive vitality, Restore good health, and Reflect on what is good (Past, present, and future). (Behavioral Change, Intrapersonal Intelligence)
  4. ​​Know it is the fight for "True Life" even if you do not know your purpose, breaks every evil and wicked device, which brings reconciliation to live with life. What I have now, does not define who I will be. I must finish what was started to the end. "Guard the Mind" I am who God says, I am! I will be who the Lord says, I will be! (Character Leadership and Intrapersonal Intelligence)
  5. ​​Truth is always revealed in a person's true virtue to positively, unselfishly, inspire, empower, and develop the "mind" of people to grow at individual stages to greatness, enacting Godly wisdom for a greater impact in preserving human sustainability. Know Godly wisdom is the only effective foundational principle for good health. What "will power" do I have? Positive or negative? "Guard The Mind" what resources and circle of influences will I connect to, for positive transformation? (Behavioral Change and Transformation Change)

In closing, know the "mind" is a representation of the entire spiritual being; Know everyone has a "mind" given by God from birth with diverse intelligence; Know what you feed the "mind,"  feeds the spirit, and controls the functionality of a person; Know a willing "mind" transformation comes, when the spirit (heart), is changed to break every bondage with positive life; Know the "mind" unveils the intent of a person, but it is the Spirit (heart) that controls the actions and reconciliation to live with purpose in life; Know it will take courage to transform the "mind" with a fighters mentality to live in purpose. Know the will of the Spirit, will revive, restore, and reconcile the "mind" to good health. Know the "mind" influences will either build up positively or negatively. Remember, an environment of life is a progressive climate and culture of growth. Change your environment if needed. Change your view if needed. Change your mind health if needed.  Speak life, grow, and lead! "You Have Value!" "You Have Worth!" "You Have Purpose!" "Guard The Mind!"

Be Blessed and stay connected to Jesus,

 Lady Cynthia R. Kelly
God's Humble Servant
Evangelist - International Author

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