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Today, we are going to examine the word “excellence” and how it relates to the practical and biblical principles for “Spiritual” growth. In essence,“excellence” is a self-defined quality of one’s value in themselves. Excellence is derived from excellent; a characteristic of highest quality, brilliance, chosen, elegant, graceful, excelling, royal, and worthy. Excellence is defined as the quality of being excellent; Valuable; A title of respect or honor; Culture; Acquired taste; Goodness and kindness; Virtue, and Validity. It is a person’s ability to strive for excellence from an inner ability for greater to advance personally, spiritually, and globally. In the business world, it is called “performance” a key leadership ability in leading by example in acts of excellence to execute, achieve, and accomplish an organization's goals globally. It is your ability to foster an environment and culture of excellence. The “excellence” is a direct connection between “performance” in building relationships, partnerships, employee development, growth, profitability, and human sustainability.

In the context of the scripture, The Book of Daniel was left on record for all people and leaders striving for excellence, the importance of developing a prayer life, using Godly wisdom in decision-making, and expecting a greater outcome. Daniel, an ordinary young man in captivity, gifted in wisdom and knowledge chosen by God for extraordinary ministry to offer hope and consolation for people suffering from persecution because of an “excellent spirit” to preserve for greater in freedom under God. Daniel ended his life as a Prophet of God, a President over all the Providence, a messenger of hope for his friends, people, governors, princes, and kings.

For instance, personally, I call this “The-Boomerang-Effect” It is the ability to strive to achieve excellence for yourself, the greater of mankind no matter the opposition, negativity, and jealousy to detour you; depending, seeking, and expecting God for the turnaround. Thought to ponder: Your “excellence” is the ability to transform yourself into the very image of hope; relying on God for direction and wisdom; moving forward in “excellence” through opposition; striving at all times for “excellence” to be a light of change. At this level, it denounces self-gratification of man and takes on a servant-leadership approach to achieve success in life. Keep in mind, there is a “spirit of man excellence” and “Spirit of God excellence.” Known by the fruit it bears.

What lessons can be learned about “excellence” and “performance?” There are five (5) important lessons. Discovering the “Truth” in “Know” and “What.”

Lessons Learned About Excellence and Performance:

  1. Know the right wisdom and knowledge will always produce excellence in the environment (home, work, church, and communities). What resources will I use to self-manage my virtue for excellence?  (Leadership Self-Management Discipline)
  2. Know invoking Godly wisdom in decision-making in life is far greater than worldly wisdom. What steps will I take to surrender my life to receive wisdom from God to make the right decisions in obedience? (Humility Trait)
  3. Know “true” success is within the ability to strive for a “spirit of excellence” to bring positive change, a culture of hope, with a distinction in excellence and kindness, not comprising morals or values in the transformation process. What change is needed for the greater and how will I plan to transform to make an impact from this experience? (Change Management)
  4. Know “excellence” is an act of a servant-leader approach with the ability to lead and serve at the same time to make an effective impact without partiality for the greater of an individual or organizational structure? What personal development will I need to lead by example? How will I serve? How will I effectively communicate? How will I build relationships? (Servant-Leadership Model)
  5. Truth is always revealed in a person's “courage” to strive for “true excellence” walking justly through adversity, social jealously, and political plans to detour one's life. Revealing the “true” character of a person under pressure. What will I do under pressure and how will I respond? (Courage Leadership)

In closing, know “excellence” is a virtue of value and worth; Know in building sustainable relationships will take a virtue of excellence; Know through adversity “excellence” is transformed into hope; Know Godly wisdom in decision-making and planning will always produce excellence, growth, and life; Know “excellence” is a culture; Know speech, vision, and discernment is connected to “true excellence;” Know you will need the courage to stand against the odds in this life to preserve in excellence, and; Know you have the ability to distinguish yourself with the right “excellent spirit.” Remember, an environment of life is a progressive climate and culture of growth. Change your environment if needed. Change your view if needed. Change your courage if needed. Speak life, grow, and lead! “You Have Value!” “You Have Purpose!"What Spirit Are You Producing?

Be Blessed and stay connected to Jesus,

Lady Cynthia R. Kelly
God’s Humble Servant
Evangelist - International Author

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