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#MotivationalWisdom Straight-Talk - Forward

"The surveyor’s line shall again extend straight forward over the hill Gareb; then it shall turn toward Goath." (Jeremiah 31:39, NKJV)

Today, I am going to start with this quote the Lord gave to me, “You cannot go forward looking back, greater will never come.” Just reflect on this for a moment. Now, the measuring line to greater or mediocrity is “Faith” to pursue purpose. In the context of the scripture, there are four important things to remember in going forward which starts with the mentality and spirit.

Life Lessons To Remember

  1. You have to have the ability to release dead weight
  2. Rebuild with the necessary means left to move forward
  3. Have the right tools to build to move forward
  4. Keep a view to see greater, not depending on past experiences

Think of it this way, mountains come in different sizes, the largest mountain in the world is Mount Everst, 29,035 feet, the highest elevation above sea level and altitude. Its depth starts in the sea. Two defining words in describing Mount Everest “Elevation and Altitude.”  Elevation - The act of raising from a lower place, condition, or quality to a higher, height, and condition of being exalted. Altitude - Space extended upward; the perpendicular elevation of an object above its foundation, height of degree; highest point or degree. The distinct difference between elevation and altitude is the “highest’ point or degree from the elevation. With this in mind, the altitude is the peak that sets apart just elevation. Thus, the two are connected, one just takes you higher to reach the top.

Notable, only two people in the world reached the peak of the summit (Emund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay) in May 29, 1953, led by Lord John Hunt. However, John Hunt did not reach the peak of Mount Everst himself. REFLECT. When you began to climb at this level, death is imminent if you start to look back because fear of going forward begins to paralyze the body and the mind begins to think on the exhaustion to the body. If you only have the view of completing the purpose in front of you to go forward, your spirit connects, and you will climb higher.

I leave this with you. Are you in the right environment to climb higher? Can you change your mentality of thinking to pursue greater from the environment you are in to transform to move forward? Are you a surveyor with a mindset to go forward? Can you climb a little higher to pursue “Divine Purpose?Climb a little higher! Come up a little higher!Climb a little higher!Come up a little higher!Come up to pursue purpose!

Be Blessed and stay connected to Jesus,

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