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Today's Devotional, Matthew 18:6-9, 2 Kings 2:23-25, "Jesus Warns of Offenses."

This devotional with all understanding of this world we live in and all the calamities happening globally around the world. The Word of God is sent as a warning to the Nation Leaders and people impeding offenses on our youth, young-adults, and Global Church Body of Jesus Christ. My heart is heavy for such a neglect in this world to adhere to the warning signs from the God-Head (God the Father, Son--Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost). Devastation is happening all around this world (wars killing children, in humane society's, racial injustice, children--young-adult human trafficking on a global level), but political powers in high authority only seek for more power and control.

There are laws instituted that will bring injustice and offenses to our youth and young-adults. I cannot with all consciousness just set by on the sideline and do nothing as a mother and grandmother. With the commission to "Restore the Breach" in desolated places, my voice is lifted today to address the institution of legalizing Marijuana in over nine States in America. The State of California has been my home for over 47 years and the largest State to set the trending pattern across other States. Why, I asked would lawmakers and governors approve for such a law to be legalized when there is innumerable evidence of mind-altering harm and
danger it imposes on our youth and young-adults in the school systems, communities, and even churches? Moreover, the employment place will now become unsafe to work in with increased workplace injuries.

From research, there is really no evidence that "Weed--Marijuana" is a healing antidote for people suffering chronic illness. The stipulation from research
states, "could be a lifesaver." The percentage (5%) is so small for the medical use to be even instituted. All Marijuana is laced with patent chemicals to alter the mental capacity and controlling mechanism leading to dysfunctional people. Now, the nation of America has agreed without conscious or wisdom to institute the legalization of  Marijuana for recreational use. Marijuana is the number one (1) selling drug in the world. It is not Cocaine, Heroin, Etsy, or pills. It is "Big Business" with stock markets to sky rocket. It is the people at the top (Governors, Lawmakers, Supreme Court Justices, and Smoke Shops) who will profit, and it is the people at the bottom who will suffer greatly in their school systems and communities. There is a flipside to this now, it will no longer be just the poor communities affected, but it will reach all the way up to the rich and middle class youth, young-adults, and communities. In teaching a Middle School Health Education Class on the topic of drugs, a young girl asked me, "Why is Marijuana legalized for medical use?" My response, there is no real evidence it is a cure, but it is "Big Business."

What person in their right mind would institute legalized this drug
as recreational use?  This is offenses against our children and young-adults. Imagine for just a minute the impact it will have on our Nation--America, but most of all our children. This is most definitely a law instituted on the national level to have an immediate Executive Order with Restraints instituted on the use of it as recreational and the potency of the drug.

Next, our churches and people of the Faith in Jesus Christ are experiencing hate crimes, racism, and injustice (the spirit of the
Anti-christ). The warning to the Nation, adults, and youth mocking and impeding these offenses; "A Curse" will be put on you and your family generation in the Name of LORD (Trinity) with 21st Century "Bears." We as people of the Faith in Jesus must continue to band together in prayer. Yes, I am taking a knee for the injustice on our youth, young-adults, churches, and communities. But, I challenge everyone taking a knee, when you take the knee, bow in humble submission and prayer, "God Have Mercy On the Injustice and Let the Justice of Jesus Prevail."

Warnings of Offenses Against Youth and People of  Faith of Jesus Christ:

  1. Whoever causes one of these little ones who believes in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and cast into and drowned in the depths of the sea. (Matt. 18:6)
  2. Woe to the world because of offenses against youth and young-adults (Matt 18:7)
  3. The offenses will come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes (Matt 18:7)
  4. If the hand, foot, or eyes causes one to sin. Cut it off and cast it from your presence! Rather to be cast into everlasting fire (hell). A snake is a snake, it will bite. (Matt 18:8-9)
  5. Don't mock or try and control the men or women of God, called by the Trinity to make an impact for the Kingdom of God. (2 Kings 2:23)
  6. The people of God have an heritage from God with authority by the Holy Ghost (Spirit of Jesus) and "Spiritual Keys" to pronounce and decree things into exist for the greater of mankind and the Kingdom of God. But, command in the name of the LORD, not self in love. (2 Kings 2:24)
  7. The LORD sent deliverance through Jesus with consequences of the offenders. None of "US" are exempt from the "Wrath of God." (2 Kings 2:25)
  8. There are judgments that come from the "Kingdom of God" that man himself cannot undo. If you have "Grace and Mercy" extending to you. Don't override it with flesh. (2 Kings 2:25)

In closing, Jesus is the King of Kings, compassionate with love, but will execute judgment when leaders and people will not adhere. The end result for Elisha the prophet, just passed the mantle from Elijah and performed miracles, was a heaviness because there were forty-two children pronounced judgment by the Holy
Ghost not of himself. Let "US" all exam ourselves. Let "US" not be found in the offenses in today's devotional. Let "US" take heed to the warnings. Let "US" all take a knee in prayer for the injustice in the world and for the justice of Jesus to prevail.

Be Blessed and stay connected to Jesus,

Cynthia R. Kelly
God's Humble Servant

Evangelist - International Author